Miracle Car Crash

Icy Road Car Crash

PURPOSE: God May Help Us With a Miracle.

SUMMARY: I believe God rescued me from death by saving me from this car crash. You never know when God may do a miracle for you.


THE FOLLOWING STORY IS TRUE. It happened to me about 20 years ago. I truly believe God intervened to save me that day. I had been a Christian at the time for many years, constantly praying for God's direction for my life, trying to follow His guiding.

I am certainly not a perfect person. I repent (tell God I am sorry and ask for forgiveness for my failings) often because I fail often. But, I love God and try to do His will. I know it is not our own works that save us, but Jesus' death on the cross to pay for our sins. But, James 2:14-25 explains that faith without works is dead.

Plus, GOd does at times do special things for those who follow His will. As As Jesus said in John 15:7, "If you abide in Me and my words abide in you, you can ask for anything you want and it will be given to you." if you are abiding in God, you won't ask for things God wouldn't want to give you. As I said, I am not a perfect person, but I do love God more than anything else and try to always put Him first in my life. I believe God saved me, as told in the following story:

Icy Road Car Crash

Road Turns to Ice

INSTANTLY THE ROAD TURNED TO ICE. It had been raining and there was a lot of water on the road on my morning commute. Temperatures were dropping.

What looked like just wet roads turned to black ice. Cars started spinning everywhere. Three cars slid into each other in the turn lane in front of me. I managed to stop my car behind the last one, barely missing it by pointing the nose of my car a little towards the ditch.

Icy Road Car Crash Picture 2, I get hit

I Am Hit

I AM HIT! Before I even realize what is happening, another car comes up from behind. Because my car is a little sideways, it hits me in the driver's side rear end at just the right angle to send my car sliding out on the ice, directly into the traffic lanes.

Icy Road Car Crash Picture 3, my car is stalled in the traffic lanes

Coming Right At My Door!

TWO CARS ARE HEADING RIGHT FOR MY DOOR. My car now sat, stalled, directly in the center of the two traffic lanes. When I looked up, out the window of my door, two cars were barrelling towards my car on what was now solid ice, with not enough room to go around either side without hitting me.

Even if one could have made it around behind my car, the other could not have made it around the front without hitting me. All I had time to do was think one thought, "Lord, I'm gonna die."

Icy Road Car Crash Picture 4, my car is parked alongside the road in front of the wreck

What Happened?

I OPEN MY EYES to find myself parked alongside the road in front of the pileup in the turn lane, with a squad car behind me.

I had a stick shift car, so I would have had to push in the clutch, turn the car back on, and drive out of the way in less time than it would have taken to reach for the key.

I honestly believe God worked a miracle for me. I mean, I hadn't been hit! I was off the road. I didn't know how I got there. I am a college graduate with A's in physics. I cannot explain this away in any way that I can believe it.

Did God Save Me?

Why would God save me when so many others die on the roads, many of them followers of God? I don't think death for someone who follows God is a bad thing. I could have died that day and I believe I would have been in a better place, in heaven, thanks to Jesus paying for any and all wrong I have done, not because I am so good, because I do mess up.

So, why would God possibly have decided to save me that day? I believe it is because He wants to use me while I am here. I believe Jesus did miracles when He walked the earth, and that when He knows it will be used for good in a way that will make a difference, He still does miracles today.

Do I try to follow what Jesus says is right to do in the Bible so I will get miracles while others don't? No. But, I follow Him because I believe He is fully capable of doing all things...all things.

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